Spring Weather Means It’s Time to Get Fit Together!

12th May 2016

The weather is finally starting to warm up around the country which means it’s time to get outside and shake off that winter stiffness with your kids. Try these workouts that can get you in shape with your kids in tow at any age.

Get on your Hiking Boots with Baby

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Spring time is one of the best times to go hiking. The weather is not too hot but is warm enough that you can pack light without worrying about bundling up your little one. There are hundreds of trails all over the country that you can choose from, for experienced hikers or those just hiking for fun. There are baby carriers on the market made specifically for hikers and adventurers that would rather bring baby along than uncover new discoveries solo. Your baby will be amazed by the beautiful world around them and you will definitely be in for one amazing workout.

Mom & Toddler Yoga in the Park

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Dust off your yoga mats and prepare for a downward dog with your kiddies. Many of the benefits that adults experience when practicing yoga; like clarity, flexibility, and stress relief; are experienced when children practice the art. Kids are able to enjoy an activity with you while not having to worry about if they are messing up or doing it wrong. The physical benefits and mental wellness are we worth showing your kiddo how to balance on one foot.

Relay in the Backyard

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The great thing about relay races is that they have a little something for everyone to enjoy. You can set up cones around the trees, hula hoop obstacles, and end the race with a sprint to the porch. Your kids will love the different stations you put together and you will love the heart pumping workout at the end.

Jog around the Neighborhood with your Older Kids

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With spring comes the blossoming of flowers all around your neighborhood. From cherry blossoms raining from trees to tulips opening up wide to the sun, there is a sight to see everywhere you look. This is great for your older kids that have experience with high paced activity and a bit of built up stamina already. Try challenging them a bit with a race to see who can make it back to the house first.

By Latifah Miles, MINI+ME contributor