So you want to road trip: Everything you need to know about traveling with your kids

12th Jun 2016

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When the weather finally breaks, it is the perfect time to pack up your family and hit the road. Whether you enjoy traveling road trip style or flying to your destination, you will absolutely need to be prepared before you head out. Kids have a difficult time when it comes to travelling, especially long distances, because of the constant sitting and the overall boredom. But, these tips will help your kids enjoy your next journey just as much as the destination.

  • 1.Bring all of the snacks- If your trip requires sitting that will last more than 2 hours, pack your kids their favorite snacks that are easy to eat. You can slice up apples (sprinkled with lemon juice to prevent oxidation), pretzels, juice boxes, or pre-made sandwiches. Whatever you choose, just be sure to bring more than enough and separate the snacks ahead of time in portion sized zip bags for easy access.
  • 2.Don’t skimp on the entertainment- Being bored is one of the main reasons kids start to lose all of their patience when traveling. If you are doing a road trip, purchase a portable DVD player and kid friendly headphones for each passenger. Bring a different movie for each child as well as a few episodes of their favorite shows. Before your trip, stock up on travel friendly games that the entire family can enjoy during your trip. Many game manufacturers make a travel version of their larger games. Don’t forget the no mess art supplies so that the kids can indulge in some silent fun.
  • 3.Audio books for the win!- Audio books may sound dull and boring but if you choose the right book that is full of adventure and excitement, it will be a nice break from the same 5 songs playing on the radio every hour. Purchase audio books like Harry Potter or the Series of Unfortunate Events to start.
  • 4.Take a few photos on the way- If you are traveling far and wide, you will likely travel through beautiful scenery that will take your breath away. Pick up a few disposable cameras for the kids to snap photos during your rest stop breaks or while you’re on the road. Just don’t forget to develop the photos when you get home from your trip.
  • 5.Have fun & enjoy- The best way to keep your kids in good spirits during your journey to summer fun is to simply enjoy the ride. Travelling with children is tough and there will be hiccups. Just be as prepared as possible with snacks and plenty of entertainment and you will be there before you know it. Remember, this is vacation; no stress allowed!

    By Latifah Miles, MINI+ME contributor