Making Baby Food vs Store Bought: Which One Is Best?

27th Mar 2018

Photo credit: WebMD

Whether you choose to introduce solids after 4 months or after a year, you will likely stumble upon the argue over deciding between making your baby’s food at home or buying it in the store. First, you should always approach any parenting decision with what is important to you and your family in mind. Even if all of the moms in your local mommy group are blending up organic peas and sweet potatoes, you have to make that sort of commitment because it works for your family. Honestly, there are pros and cons for each option. Here’s how the options compare so that you can make your most informed choice:

Making Baby Food

If you plan on making baby food, be ready to purchase a wide array of vegetables and fruits. Your little one’s palate is in the beginning stages of it’s lifelong development. You don’t want to purchase several pounds of sweet peas only to find out that your babe despises sweet peas. Mix and match vegetables along with fruits for a less harsh flavor that ease your little one into the world of solids. Make your babe’s favorite blends ahead of time and freeze them to make meal time quick and easy. Blending up your own baby food allows for customization, cost efficiency, and is fairly simple. The downside is the time commitment. You have to invest an hour or so in peeling, chopping, boiling, and blending food every week which can be exhausting. If the time commitment is not an issue for you and you like to have more control of what your baby is consuming, making homemade meals for your little one is a great option.

Store Bought Baby Food

There is nothing easier than going to your local grocery store and swiping up a few jars of baby food. It is easy, you know what to expect, and you can easily grow to love a particular brand that you trust. Store bought baby food is available in a range of options from organic, grass-fed, gluten free to dairy products that are made of less than organic ingredients. There are options available for just about every price range. Prepackaged baby food is also perfect for travel and daycares as they are already packaged and ready to go. Store bought food is also great because your little one can try out all sorts of flavor combinations without you having to purchase a large amount of one particular ingredient that you may only use once. The downside is that, in order to go organic, you have to be willing to pay the higher price. You also have less control over the ingredients as well.

Whether you go with store bought or homemade, it is important to make sure you are making the best choice for your family. Neither option has to be a lifetime commitment and you can even combine the two. Try out both to find which works best for you and your babe.