​It’s Still Flu Season: Tips To Protect Your Family

20th Jul 2020

Photo Credit: HelloBeautiful

This flu season has been one of the worst, according to the CDC. There have been fatalities and people that have never caught the horrible flu are catching it this season. It can be scary, especially when you have children. The truth is that the flu is hard to avoid when your kids have to go to school, you have to go to work, and staying trapped in your house all season is not really a reasonable option (though, if it is, do it!). Outside of the controversial flu vaccine, there are ways you can help keep the flu at bay. Follow these tips and keep your family healthy and safe.

Teach Your Kids Proper Hygiene

Kids are naturally blasé when it comes to hygiene. They will happily sneeze into their palms and go back to playing with toys or use the bathroom and leave without washing their hands. It’s the nature of being a kid constantly ready to move to the next thing. However, like many viruses, the flu spreads germs that can come from saliva. Reinforce the importance of hand washing and covering their mouths with the crook of their arms as opposed to their palms. If they do come in contact with the virus, washing their hands can help limit their exposure.

Clean The Toys

If your children are school aged or spending time outside of the house, they will bring home a host of viruses and germs. There isn’t much you can do about that, unfortunately. However, you can stay on top of cleaning the toys in your home. Children put toys in their mouth as well as their hands in their mouth which is a surefire way to spread the flu virus. You can boil toys that are heat safe and wipe down other toys with a disinfectant spray.

Stock Up On Sanitizing Materials

The flu is spread by coming in contact with the germs and the virus directly. The best way to kill those germs is to use products that kill 99% of germs. First, stay on top of sanitizing countertops, bathrooms, kitchens, and the rest of the house. Next, stock up on hand sanitizer and hand soap to make clean hands easy and simply. Get in the habit of bumping up your cleaning routine to cut down the possibilities of the virus entering your home and festering.

Boost The Family’s Immune System

Your family will have to move about the world during flu season. Make sure your family’s immune system is as strong as possible to keep the flu at bay. Administer vitamins, get enough rest, and drink plenty of water. If you or your family feels an illness creeping up, stay home because even if you don’t have the flu, your immune system may be weaker and more susceptible to attracting the flu virus.

Flu season doesn’t last forever and you and your family can get through the time without catching it. Take the right precautions and stay consistent and the flu may spare you completely.