How to prevent summer learning loss while still having fun

26th May 2020

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The summer time is all about jumping into pools, snacking at barbeques, and enjoying the couple of months your kids have off from school. The only issue is that, with all of the fun stuff, your kids can easily suffer from the dreaded summer learning loss. This tends to happen because your kids are going from consistent learning and classroom settings to pure fun that has little to nothing to do with education. When the school year rolls around, your kids will start the semester off in a slump.

The good news is that there are a few simple ways to encourage learning retention throughout the summer without ruining the entire season.

Limit mindless screen time

Yes, handing your kids the tablet or turning on their favorite show for a couple hours out of the day is, at times, irresistible. But, limiting the amount of time your kids spend sitting in front of a screen will encourage your kids to get out and learn through play. Also, it’s the summer time which is a great reason on it’s own to get outside and explore.

2. Hit up the local library

It may seem dull or boring at first but your local library is a treasure trove of fun and educational activities for your kids to take part in. From storytime with your little ones to arts and crafts projects for your older kids, there is always an activity going on. Your kids may even choose a book to read that isn’t on the required summer reading list.

3. Conduct a family game night

There are endless games, puzzles, and family fun activities that are geared towards learning through play that you can do right at home. Get the entire family together weekly to play a game that gets your minds churning. It will definitely be fun for everyone involved and your brain will get a workout too.

4. Make every outing a learning adventure

Include your children in, seemingly, mundane errands like running to the dry cleaners or farmer’s market. While there, ask them simple questions or teach them about the things they see around them. There is a lesson to be learned everywhere you turn and everything is worth learning.

5. Start your own summer book club

I know, this seems like a hard sell but hear me out. Take your family on a trip to your local bookstore or library and consult with a bookseller about what each of your kids enjoy and books that are aligned with their interests. Check out our book collection for some of our favorite selections. From there, make a deal that if you all read the chosen book together and discuss it, you can enjoy a movie night that is either based on the book or in a similar genre.

6. Cook together

Science is a major part of cooking and baking. From leavening agents to cooking with different types of oils, there’s so much your children can learn while rolling out dough with you in the kitchen. Make it even more fun with matching aprons for you and your little.

The summer time does not have to be a learning wasteland. By using small, everyday activities to teach your children something new, their hungry brains will be working until the school year rolls back around.