​How To Let Your Child Dress Themselves (Without Losing Your Mind)

5th Apr 2018

Via Kidspot.com

When your babe is fresh to the world, there is a sense of excitement that happens each time you get to dress them in a super cute outfit. Even if you two are just lounging around the house, there is joy that comes with seeing your babe dressed in the cute outfits you purchased before they were even born. However, that sweet time is short lived. By the time your little one is around the age of 2 or so, they are ready to make their own style choices. The days of putting together their well coordinated outfits will be long behind you. Like most kids, your little one may gravitate towards certain clothing in the process of dressing themselves or only want to wear dress up costumes for weeks on end. The entire transition can be exhausting. However, it is important to allow your child some sense of control over what they choose to wear. Giving in, just a bit, can help them build confidence and learn decision making. Those may seem like big lessons for a child to learn from just picking out a shirt and pants but, like most things in those formative years, the smallest most routine actions have long lasting impacts on growing lives. Even if you want to step back and give your child the chance to guide their own fashion choices, it can be frustrating. Here is how you can open the closet door to your child while keeping your sanity.

Guide Them

The first step to keeping your sanity while your little one is learning their independence in the clothing department is to guide them from the beginning. Children have little to no concept of dressing themselves appropriately for the weather, for specific occasions, or in clothes that fit as they should. Allowing them to go into their wardrobe and grab whatever they want to wear for the day is a blow out waiting to happen. Guide them by letting them know what they are getting dressed for, what the weather is outside, and where to find the clothes that fit as opposed to play clothes and pajamas.

Pick Your Battles

The thing about letting your little one pick out their own clothes is that they will likely put together an outfit combo that is cringe worthy. Unless you have a fashion forward trendsetter as your kid, the clothing choices will be less than Vogue ready. That is ok. Remember that your child is, well, a child. Give them room to use their creativity, even if you don’t particularly like it. I mean, when you think about it, that is how personal style is born. Also, starting a 20 minute back and forth battle over your daughter throwing on lime green tights with an Halloween t-shirt in the middle of June is just not worth it.

Have Fun

Children grow up incredibly fast. If you are a parent, you know how absolutely true this is. In the grand scheme of parenting, allowing your son to wear two different socks or letting your daughter leave the house in a princess costume will not turn them into bad people. Cherish these times and have fun with them. The world has given you plenty to worry about and judge yourself on when it comes to being a parent. Allow yourself to have fun during this fleeting time with your child.