​5 Rainy Day Activities To Get You Through The Spring

25th Apr 2018

Via Pinterest

For a large portion of the country, the adage April showers brings May flowers is very true. The spring season is a time for days that grow longer, sprouting flowers, allergies, and endless rainy days. While the weather is warming up and the ground is defrosting from the winter, the long rainy days can mean a house of restless kids that are aching to get outside. After 3 straight days of rainy, cloudy weather as the planet preps itself for summer, your kids will be going stir crazy which will make you simply go regular crazy. Try these 5 rainy day activities to keep your kids occupied and yourself sane this rainy spring.

Build An Epic Fort

There are few, if any, kids in this world that wouldn’t absolutely love a blanket fort. It allows for creativity to flow and helps to create a special place to hideaway that wasn’t there before. Gather any chairs and small tables as well as a few medium to large blankets. Align the chairs and tables to hold up the blankets. Let your child drape the blankets how they want. Add some lights to create ambiance. Throw some pillows in the fort for it to feel like a real mini clubhouse. Your child will enjoy spending their day in their new hideout and forget about the rain.

Get In The Kitchen

What kid doesn’t love making a mess in the kitchen with mom in the name of baking or cooking? Find your favorite cookie recipe and whip up a batch with your little one. The entire process of preparing and baking will take at least an hour or so which is a good way to occupy your child’s time when going outside is not an option. A good tip to keep in mind when baking with your little one is to pre-measure your ingredients. Your babe is going to want to get their hands in the flour, crack the eggs, and measure out the butter which may lead to undesirable cookies in the end. Save yourself the headache and pre-measure the ingredients to make the process easier.

DIY Pamper Party

Whether you are a mom of girls, a mom of boys, or a nice balance of the two; your kids will feel super special with a DIY pamper party to pass the rainy days. Depending on your little one’s age range, you can set up a few different pampering ideas. You can enjoy manicures and pedicures while lounging around in your robes with cucumbers on your eyes. If possible, pick up a bath bomb and drop it in the water for an extra special and luxurious bath time. This is totally customizable and you can make it work for your family. It can be relaxing for you too.

Movie Night

The best way to speed up the day on a rainy afternoon is to gather the kids together with a few cozy blankets, yummy snacks, and a movie that everyone can at least tolerate. Unlike a quiet theater, you all can make as much noise as you want without paying for movie tickets and overpriced snacks. Now there are services that allow you to rent just about any movie that is available on dvd to help you save a few bucks.