​4 Ways To Treat Yourself To Self Care This Month

9th Feb 2018

Photo credit: Sick Chirpse

As a parent, you give your all to your little one day in and day out. From packing lunches to being woken up throughout the night, a parent’s job is never done. The moment the baby is conceived, parenthood begins and as years go on, the job just becomes more important and involved. With that being said, being a parent is a tough job that can run you ragged; especially if you aren’t taking care of yourself. There is a terribly common stigma against parents wanting to care for themselves as if self care is equivalent to being selfish or uncaring as a parent. That is completely false and taking care of your health and well being as a parent is one of the best things you can do for your children. You can’t fill up their tanks when yours is running on E. Here are 4 easy ways to incorporate self care into your routine this month.

1. Dedicate Time Out Of The Week For A Hobby

Before having children, I am certain you enjoyed spending time on your hobbies. Whether it was perfecting your garden during the spring time or baking everything out of your favorite cookbook, there was something you simply enjoyed doing for the pleasure of it. Hobbies are important and help us relax and unwind while also being a source of pleasure. While children and families do consume a majority of your time, taking an hour or two out of the week to indulge in your favorite hobby can help keep you sane and level headed.

2. Take A Bath

Seems like a simple, unimportant act right? Well, if you are a parent you know that bathroom time doesn’t always equal alone time. As soon as you go into the bathroom and shut the door, there is oftentimes a little hand creeping underneath whining for your attention and assistance with something. After the little ones have finally gone off to bed and you have a few hours to yourself where the house is quiet, run yourself a bath. It will feel totally indulgent and wonderful to just soak your body, read a book, and light some candles. Throw in a bathbomb and pour yourself a glass of wine and you are practically at a spa.

3. Get Outside

Taking care of yourself is more than just pampering. Taking care of yourself means making sure your mind, body, and soul are tended to. There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating like running a few errands by yourself. After having kids, everything becomes more challenging. Going to Target to stroll up and down the aisles alone can feel like a heaven sent treat. Hand the kids over to your spouse or a trusted sitter for an hour or so and take your time running the errands for the day.

4. Get Physical

Hitting the gym is not for everyone in the least bit. Some people simply don’t like to get in their physical activity for the day in that way. However, being physically active is important for your health and your mood so finding a way to do so each week can help you feel more energized, happier, and improve your health. Go for a hike, sign up for kickboxing, or just hit the gym. Whatever you do, make sure it is a part of your weekly routine because you deserve it.